Welcome to elinolvidablejack.com (unforgettable Jack). I am Jack Alzheimer, an old one man band who once woke up and didn’t remember who were my band mates so I decided to play all by myself. Sometimes I forget the lyrics of what I’m singing  don’t get mad for that.

I don’t remember exactly my age but I’m fucking around long time ago.

I play a dirty rock and roll as fuck, some people call it punk rock, some others call it garage, or they do maths (4×4),  I DON’T GET THE THING !  I call it however I feel when you ask me about it.

I have no idea how long I will live so I get profit every second left in this world, I hope to can live those moments around you and have a good time.  JACK ALZHEIMER T-SHIRTS  and some other merch